Everybody deserves to treat themselves every once in a while. Whether you want a salty bite or a sweet treat, we found some of the most indulgent and over-the-top dishes around Preston Hollow to satisfy any hankerings.

1. Blue Sushi

This sushi boat lets customers sail away to a place full of fresh sushi rolls, nigiri and sashimi. A small boat can fit four to five rolls, and the large boat fits eight to 10.

Sometimes, if customers order enough rolls, Blue Sushi surprises customers with the boat presentation. The boats weigh up to 10 pounds.

“Whether that’s a mix of our raw or not raw sushi rolls, a mix of traditional and creative rolls, or an entire boat of our vegan rolls, the options are endless,” says spokeswoman Amy Hale. 

7859 Walnut Hill Lane, bluesushisakegrill.com

2. The Dough Dough

Why choose one dessert when you can have two?

“Our dough cakes are sinful,” says owner Gina Farmer.

Each cake is five layers of decadence. Three consists of chocolate chip cake and two are classic chocolate chip cookie dough.  As if it wasn’t sweet enough, they top it with dark chocolate ganache, Oreos, chocolate chip cookies, more cookie dough and “Brookies” a combination of chocolate chip cookies, Oreos and brownies. 

“A slice of our cookie dough cake goes a long way,” Farmer says. “Most cakes are moist and fluffy. Ours is heavy and dense.” 

The cake is offered in other flavors like red velvet, cookies and cream and “unicorn” cake. Any cake can be topped with buttercream or cream cheese frosting, and there is an eggless cookie dough option. 

5915 Forest Lane, thedoughdough.com

3. Mesero

Queso Mesero is a blend of queso Chihuahua, spinach, artichokes and poblano. The vegetables create a rich flavor and texture. Diners can kick up the dish by adding brisket, chorizo or guacamole. Waiters scoop the queso onto an oversized homemade chip for guest’s first bite. Customer serve the rest themselves. The queso compliments more than just chips. 

“Many customers order it as a side to pour on their tacos or carne asada, even eat it straight wrapped in a tortilla,” says spokeswoman Lindsay Lee McCain.

7775 Firefall Way, mesero.net

4. Princi Italia

Truffles aren’t hard to find at Princi Italia. The Tortellini Fonduta is a rich pasta appetizer topped with a sauce made of cream, butter, Parmesan, fontina cheeses, truffle butter and black truffles. The Truffle Flatbread is topped with truffle butter, pecorino and Parmesan cheese, and truffle oil. 

In December, chef Kevin Ascolese uses the rare Alba White Truffles in a special menu featuring four to five dishes.

“These dishes are creamy and decadent which serves as the perfect platform to deliver the uniqueness of the truffle flavor and aroma which is rich in flavor: oaky, nutty, earthy and a little musky,” says  Ascolese. 

5959 Royal Lane, princiitalia.com

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