Photography by Danny Fulgencio

Large looming trees that shade Preston Hollow is why many people love the neighborhood; however, as everyone knows, the October tornado last year uprooted many of them. During the pandemic, Kids Luv Trees had to pause its fundraising and replanting efforts.

But that hasn’t stopped the group from trying to reach its goal.

“We haven’t done much, but we’ve raised just over $49,000,” neighbor Brian Smith said.

Approximately half of the money acquired came from individual and business contributions primarily through a website, and funds generated by lemonade stands; the stands were paused during the pandemic.

In addition, Kids Luv Trees got a grant from the McFarland Foundation in Dallas for $25,000. It received another $2,000 from St. Monica’s Church’s Junior Catholic Daughters of America, which held a fundraiser, and the girls voted to give what they raised to Kids Luv Trees.

“That was really exciting,” Smith said. “We’re happy to say that other young ladies got that this was a worthy cause and they were willing to put their money they raised to help us.”

“I get to make a difference in the world with the help of my friends,” Smith’s 7-year-old daughter Brinley said.

Kids Luv Trees partnered with Texas Trees Foundation and RETREET to form the North Texas Tree Campaign to replant 3,500 trees in neighborhoods affected by the storm.

Kids Luv Trees’ portion of that goal is 500 trees. With the money it currently has, it can plant 165 depending on the size and type. That’s about 30 % of the goal right now.

It is planning to revamp lemonade stand enterprises in October – once following the latest CDC guidelines can be ensured – and start replanting trees on the anniversary of the tornado.

“We expect this will take a few years,” Smith said. “We’re optimistic that once we have a team event, it’ll generate a lot more interest and support.”

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