Photo Courtesy of Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum

The Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum was awarded the grand prize in the 2020 American Institute of Architects film challenge. The film showcases the partnership between the museum and Dallas-based architecture firm Omniplan, which designed the new building that opened in September of 2019. 

The film highlights the vision of architects at Omniplan, the curators of the museum, and the contribution of Holocaust Survivor and Preston Hollow resident Max Glauben. 

“One of our goals was for this building to be a beacon for Dallas,” architect Mark Holsinger says in the video. 

The building was designed to be symbolic, including the prominence of copper on the exterior of the structure. 

“It started to symbolize the idea of perseverance. Here’s this material that can withstand almost anything. Yes, it changes and evolves, but it continues to persevere,” Holsinger said in an October interview with Architect Magazine

Copper, a durable metal, yet its color and surface can change. This represents the resilience of the Jewish community and other marginalized groups.The community partnership and architectural complexity showcased in the film led a panel of judges to choose the museum as the recipients of the grand prize in the AIA film challenge. 

The Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum was founded in 1984. Glaubin was one of the survivors who worked towards its founding, at one point serving as chairman. In 2019, it moved into the new space and reaffirmed its commitment to sharing stories of injustice beyond the Holocaust. 

“Our goal in teaching this history is to change attitudes and behaviors today,” says Mary Pat Higgins, the Museum President and CEO. 

The museum has three permanent exhibits: the Holocaust/Shoah Wing, the Human Rights Wing, and the Pivot to America wing. It also has a theater for large groups and a Dimension in Testimony Theater, which allows patrons to conversate with a holographic image of Glaubin, who shares stories about the Holocaust. The museum also features special exhibitions. 

To learn more about the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum, you may visit their website here


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