Recently, Preston Hollow has been entrenched in street stunts and racing, which was made evident by a now deleted Facebook post from John Buxton dated December 20. The post, which made its rounds across the web, reports street racing on Spring Valley.

“It appears they were viewing on the south side and racing north. It was concerning when at least two shots were fired and cars started using our driveway. Maybe more problematic was the fact it took ten to fifteen minutes for 911 to answer,” the now deleted post says.

Well, buckle up, because just yesterday the street stunt crew made more waves in our neighborhood, as Marybeth Ruchlin sent a video to NBC DFW of a street stunt gone wrong. In the video, an SUV is driving in circles at an intersection, and at one point, a white pickup saunters into the intersection and strikes a pole. Smoke and a bright flash can be seen. You can view the video here.

The incident happened at the 8500 block of Preston Road at West Northwest Highway, according to police. There were no reports of injuries from the incident.

Lately, the Dallas Police Department has been trying to squash racing and stunts in our city. At times, these exhibits turn deadly, so a task force has been created to combat the issue. If you see street racing or street stunts, DPD has asked people to call 911 or report it on the iWatchDallas app, according to NBC DFW.