The Preston and Forest Natural Grocers storefront

The Preston and Forest Natural Grocers storefront. Photo courtesy of Natural Grocers

The Natural Grocers in Preston Hollow will be closing Jan. 30 to allow for an expansion and remodel.

“When the opportunity came to expand our Preston & Forest store, we knew this was the perfect time to give our customers a fresh, more modernized shopping experience, so the new store will have the same set up and flow as our newest stores,” said Kemper Isely, the Natural Grocers co-president, in a company release.

The store, located at the corner of Preston Road and Forest Lane, is set to reopen in March. Visitors will have a different shopping experience, with a store 40% larger than its current size, an updated layout, a new Nutrition Education Center, expanded sections and a more efficient, single-line queue checkout model.

To prepare for the temporary closing, the store is holding an “everything must go” sale starting Saturday, Jan. 16. The supplement and body care sections will be 35% off, and the rest of the store will be 25% off the usual prices.

In addition to the discounts, the store will be offering customers a book of coupons that can be used at other Dallas locations from Jan. 31 until March 14.

While the store is closed, residents can visit the nearby Richardson, Casa Linda or Coppell locations.

Natural Grocers, 11661 Preston Road, Dallas, TX 75230, (214) 987-0000