The Dallas City Council voted Jan. 27 to authorize the acceptance of a $50,000 grant that will be used to restore the Juanita J. Craft Civil Rights House.

The grant, provided by the Hillcrest Foundation, will help the Junior League of Dallas continue its project of fixing up the flooded and damaged home.

The work is part of the Junior League’s special centennial project, which started in 2016. The renovations are scheduled to be completed in 2022, 100 years after the league’s founding.

In addition to restoring the house, the Junior League is collaborating with Dallas ISD to create a program that will focus on Craft’s legacy.

Juanita Craft was a civil rights activist who played a role in integrating two universities, the 1954 State Fair and theaters, restaurants and lunch counters in Dallas.

She lived in the one-story house in the Wheatley Place Historic District in South Dallas for 50 years. During that time, former President Lyndon Johnson and Martin Luther King, Jr. visited her at her home.

In 1975, when Craft was 73 years old, she was elected to the Dallas City Council, where she worked to improve the status of Native American and Hispanic populations.