Starting next school year, all Dallas ISD courses designated as “pre-AP” will be classified instead as “honors” courses.

The DISD Board of Trustees agreed to change the name at a recent meeting to comply with College Board regulations, according to The Hub.

According to the College Board, honors and pre-AP classes are different. In honors courses, students often have a similar curriculum to students enrolled in the regular class, but the honors curriculum is “tailored for high-achieving students — covering additional topics or some topics in greater depth.”

This contrasts from a pre-AP course. The College Board created the Pre-AP Program to help schools “support all students across varying levels of abilities through focus.” Schools that participate in the program receive course materials, learning checkpoints, course frameworks and access to collaborative educator workshops.

Though the name is changing, DISD’s director of Advanced Academic Services, Mitch Morken, says the course content will stay the same.

DISD is allowing enrollment to any student who meets the requirements to participate.

Some students, like those who score at the “meets” or “masters” level in subject content on the fifth-grade STAAR test for English Language Arts and Reading, will be automatically enrolled in the sixth-grade reading and language and social studies honors courses.

To learn more about this change, visit the Let’s Talk website and click on the “Teaching and Learning” tab to send questions to the right department.