The average salary of a Dallas ISD teacher is now above $60,000 due to the Teacher Excellence Initiative (TEI).

District officials delivered the news to DISD trustees in a Feb. 11 briefing, according to the Hub.

“TEI is the district’s effort to define, support and reward teacher excellence,” the article says, and it has allowed DISD to be one of 26 school districts in Texas that received an additional $28 million in state funding under House Bill 3, a school finance bill passed in 2019.

This year, the average teacher salary is $10,000 higher than in 2014, when DISD launched TEI.

“The data shows that TEI is truly benefiting our incredible educators and students,” says Suzy Smith, who works with the district’s human capital management. “And, as we have done every year, we are continually improving the system to best serve our mission of identifying and rewarding teacher excellence.”

Smith also says if the move not to consider student achievement data and student survey results in teacher evaluations is approved, teachers under TEI will still be evaluated each year, but it will not affect their effectiveness level or salary.