NFT collectors, this one’s for you.

In his latest project, Preston Hollow neighbor Mark Cuban created a way for people to display their NFTs, or non-fungible tokens.

NFTs are digital assets that can’t be exchanged for something else of the same value. An NFT is like a certificate of authenticity; it can be bought and sold, but each one is unique.

The Dallas Mavericks owner is behind, “the lazy way to show off your NFTs.”

“I wanted an easy way to show my NFTs and a way to put them in my social bios, my email signature, and any place I can stick a URL,” Cuban tells The Block. “People are curious about what other people collect. There wasn’t a super-easy way to do it.”

To get involved, sign up with an email address and add your MetaMask wallet. Then, users will create a unique URL and share their gallery of NFTs on social media or via emails and text messages.

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