Physics students at E.D. Walker engaged in a little friendly competition today.

As the seventh- and eighth-grade students took a mock science STAAR test, the 45 physics students enrolled in the course for high school credit were building rollercoasters.

The PTA and the school community helped provide the materials needed for construction: masking tape, duct tape and PVC pipe. The groups also asked for marbles, which were rolled down the rollercoasters.

Students were placed in teams of three or four and had 2.5 hours to build their designs, says Dr. Tiffany Clark, an eighth-grade counselor at Walker.

Designs were judged by the administration on uniqueness and how far the marble traveled on the rollercoaster.

This activity allowed students to participate in project-based learning to further their understanding of some of the concepts they’ve been studying this semester, including force, speed and acceleration.

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