Photo courtesy of Victor Vescovo Twitter.

A new series streaming on Discovery+ depicts the travels of Victor Vescovo, a Dallas investor and explorer, as he dives to the depths of all five oceans.

When Vescovo isn’t on one of his adventures, which made him the first person to dive to the deepest points of each ocean, he might be at his Preston Hollow residence.

The explorer partnered with submersible manufacturer Triton to develop, test and outfit the “Limiting Factor,” the vessel he used to do his dives. He’s currently looking for a buyer for the system, hopefully a country or organization that will use it for science and the public and will allow him to continue exploring the depths of the oceans.

Vescovo, who attended St. Mark’s School of Texas, just recently became the first person to see the sunken U.S.S. Johnston, a WWII-era navy ship lost in 1944.

“It was very moving for me to actually be the first person to see that very famous destroyer since it went down under gunfire from the Japanese. It was kind of an honor, and it was kind of emotional. The history of that ship and the crew is just something of legends,” he told The Dallas Morning News.

The U.S.S. Johnston. Photo courtesy of Victor Vescovo Twitter.

Next up, Vescovo is planning more dives in the Mariana Trench and then a two-month trip off the coast of Australia.

Watch “Expedition Deep Ocean” on Discovery+.