Students in this fourth-grade class scored the most points in the Episcopal School of Dallas’ March Mathness competition. Photo courtesy of the Episcopal School of Dallas Facebook.

While college basketball teams have been battling in March Madness, elementary students at the Episcopal School of Dallas were competing in March Mathness.

First through fourth-grade students completed activities or live challenges on the Mathletics website throughout March. Scores were calculated each day, and the class that won the bracket at the end of each week moved on to the next round.

“Because we weren’t able to finish last year’s challenge due to COVID, this year’s challenge was extra special for both me and the students,” says Zora Skelton, the lower school math coach.

While classes vied for the top spot, several individual students placed among the top in the nation.

Students who participated received a March Mathness sticker and treats.

Here is the point breakdown by grade:

  • First grade: 306,588
  • Second grade: 225,998
  • Third grade: 242,199
  • Fourth grade: 313,498

That adds up to 1,088,283 points total.

The top scorers will receive Mathletics Certificates at the Lower School Honors Assembly on May 14.