Photo courtesy of Da’on Boulanger Chatman for Dallas City Council.

Da’On Boulanger-Chatman is a music teacher at Lakeview Centennial High School in Garland.

“Before we make these decisions, you want to make sure that you’re picking a community member to represent your community. And I am indeed a community member,” he says. 

One of his former students suggested he act on his opinions and do something to try to address the issues he was noticing. But Boulanger-Chatman didn’t decide to run for office until after he saw a group of homeless people setting up and going inside tents on the side of U.S. 75. 

How to spend $10 million 

Part of that money would go toward hiring a few more police officers. But it would also help reallocate funds from certain line items in the police budget to other departments, such as public health and social work.   

Thoughts on the city’s efficacy in responding to the pandemic and winter storm

Boulanger-Chatman says the city handled both the pandemic and the snow storm poorly. 

When the pandemic hit, he says there was too much misinformation, and the government wasn’t acting as a single force. He would have wanted to hear more directly from the city’s health department, rather than the politicians. 

Something the city council has done well 

Boulanger-Chatman says he is grateful for the Objectives and Key Results program as well as the New Directors for Public Safety & Positive Community Change.  


Police officers should be held accountable, Boulanger-Chatman says, and the City Council can do this by working with committees to ensure the Dallas Police Department remains transparent in their day-to-day actions. 

Transparency will help members of the community build trust with the police, Boulanger-Chatman says.

But he wouldn’t want to make any new policies when it comes to policing until the existing policies are evaluated.   

Hidden gem in District 13 

While canvassing during the campaign, Boulanger-Chatman has met communities of people living in apartment complexes scattered throughout the district, and he says these are the hidden gems of the district. 

“They’re full of all these hardworking people who still find time to make community, to lift each other up,” he says. 

What he’s reading 

“The Duke and I,” by Julia Quinn 

Who inspires him 

His students, who share his love for music and teach him something new every day. 

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