Photo courtesy of Jaynie Schultz for Dallas City Council.

To Jaynie Schultz, the city of Dallas has been a “passion” since she was in high school. After being a planning commissioner for the past 6.5 years, running for City Council seemed like the next logical step.

“We never had neighborhood division or drama because I work well in bringing people together from all different perspectives,” Schultz says.

In addition, the candidate has a master’s degree in urban studies, has been on over 20 boards and spent 21 years in the hospitality industry, which has taught her about service.

How to spend $10 million

She would use a portion of it to start up the Park at Valley View, a portion of it in the Esperanza District and the rest of it to parks throughout the district.

Thoughts on the city’s response to the pandemic and the winter storm

Though Schultz thinks Councilman Kleinman has done his best to communicate with the district, the communication from the mayor and the district has been “adequate.”

Both the storm and COVID-19 could have been handled better if the council were more united.

Something the City Council has done well

Schultz says the council was effective in transitioning from an in-person format to a virtual format, and she thinks most of the council members have done a good job staying in touch with their constituents, including by using newsletters and social media.


Since the City Council works with the police chief, it is in their best interest to see the head of the Dallas Police Department as an ally in a common goal to further involve neighbors in community policing and reduce crime throughout the city.

“What I believe ought to happen is that Chief Garcia should present to the council his goals, his measures, his metrics, and then the budget that he needs, and our job is not to micromanage how the police budget is spent but to work closely with the chief on making sure that he’s achieving the metrics that he offers us,” Schultz says.

Hidden gem in District 11

The Goldmark Cultural Center.

What she’s reading

She just finished up “The Water Dancer” by Ta-Nehisi Coates, and she likes to read “Cooks Illustrated.”

Who inspires her

Her family inspires her, and recently while canvassing, she’s been meeting people throughout the district who care about our city.

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