Photo courtesy of Dougherty’s Pharmacy Facebook.

Dougherty’s Pharmacy just opened up an old-fashioned soda fountain at its new location at Preston Road and LBJ Freeway, and neighbors couldn’t be happier about it.

Customers are raving about the delectable milkshakes — among them salted caramel, chocolate and s’mores — served in nostalgic glasses and the comforting grilled cheese sandwiches.

Neighbor Debby Hamilton, who went to Dougherty’s when she was younger, recently tried out the new location.

“We headed out to make a new old place ‘our place,'” she tells the Advocate.

The soda fountain, which started serving customers shortly after the pharmacy opened its doors at the new space just a few miles north of the Preston Royal location, is operated by Marvyn Sacher, the owner of Neuhaus Café.

Khyle Hamilton, the son of Debby Hamilton, enjoys a milkshake at Dougherty’s. Photo courtesy of Debby Hamilton.