North Haven Gardens was hit by a tornado, for the second time.

The nursery off of Central Expressway and Northaven Road was first damaged in the 2019 tornado, along with many other businesses and homes in our neighborhood.

Owner Aaron Pinkus told NBC 5 he heard sirens going off May 16 from his home, but he didn’t think another storm would hit the same spot. When he started getting texts and pictures from employees soon after, he knew his prediction was wrong.

Pinkus said by the time he arrived at his business, the employees had already started cleaning up. The storm blew the doors open and pushed all the inventory off the shelves.

“Everyone’s all smiles and it’s amazing how it could happen a second time and the attitude is still, ‘Let’s rebuild and move forward,’” he told NBC 5.

North Haven Gardens was closed Monday but reopened May 18.

This storm was part of the second set of tornados to hit North Texas this month.