Tyler Pride. Photo courtesy of Tyler Patrolman’s Association.

Tyler Pride, a son of Charley Pride, is contesting his father’s will in court, the Dallas Morning News reported.

Pride, now a police officer and president of the Tyler Patrolman’s Police Association, wants to find out what he’s entitled to. Charley’s widow and wife of 64 years, Rozene Pride, is the executor of the will. The country music singer died last year of COVID-19, shortly after receiving the Willie Nelson Lifetime Achievement Award.

Charley’s will acknowledges three children, Carlton, Dion and Angela, but not Tyler. In 1992, a Texas court said Tyler was the biological son of Charley, and Tyler’s last name was changed from Tines to Pride.

Charley, whom Tyler acknowledges was a good father, was a close friend of Preston Hollow neighbors George and Laura Bush.

Tyler acknowledges a long history of financial and emotional support that lasted until Charley died. Rozene and Tyler disagree about some of the details. Tyler’s mother, Joyce Tines, and Charley met while she was a flight attendant for Braniff Airways, and their affair spanned for a decade. In Tyler’s court filing, he claims Charley and Tines planned Tyler’s birth and Charley intended to treat Tyler as he did his other children.