Prada is bringing the beach to NorthPark Center with an exclusive outdoorsy pop-up at Neiman Marcus.

The pop-up, called Prada Outdoor, consists of in-store installations that depict four different environments — garden, coast, mountain and snow. Coast debuted at NorthPark on June 8 and will run through June 27. Dallas is one of four U.S. cities to host the experience.

Each experience contains a collection of vacation-ready products appropriate for that environment. The line of Bermuda shorts, patterned bowling shirts, crocheted tunics and bathrobes embody a casual 1950s look.  Accessories include beach towels, cushions, water bottles and bags of woven straw, wicker and leather.

The immersive installation is decorated with beach huts, trees, surfboards and beach volleyballs.

“The setting presents a fun-filled beach complete with sand dunes, rocks and white and ocean-blue tents and sunshades,” according to a news release. “A place where people can relax in the sun or sip a drink at sunset on the beach bar’s terrace.”