WFAA anchor Cynthia Izaguirre recently told her personal story of contracting COVID-19 post vaccination.

Izaguirre, a Thomas Jefferson High School alumna, said during a news segment last week that she caught the coronavirus while attending a wedding in St. Louis over the weekend of July 24.

She wore a mask during the ceremony but took it off during the reception, she says. She went back to work for two days the following week and “felt fantastic,” but she came down with a headache the second night and slept the whole next day.

“It felt like I had a really bad cold or a mild flu,” she says.

She felt better the next day but tested positive for COVID. Her husband and kids didn’t get sick, she says.

Izaguirre invited her doctor into the segment, who says that the vaccine worked as designed.

“The aim of the vaccine is to prevent serious illness and mortality and keep people out of the hospital,” he says.

COVID cases are on the upswing in Dallas County. There were more than 3,200 new cases reported in the three days ending Monday. More than half of the people hospitalized have been under 40, and most of them unvaccinated.

At this rate, health experts predict that there will be 2,000 cases per day in Dallas County by the end of this month.

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