Several Preston Hollow neighbors are included among the Texas Women’s Foundation’s new board of directors and executive committee.

Veree Hawkins Brown, a financial adviser at ISC Group, Inc., will serve on the board. Her term lasts until 2024. Previously, Hawkins Brown worked in finance and marketing at Sabre Holdings and led an international airline account relationship team at LLP.

Veree Brown. Photo courtesy of the Texas Women’s Foundation.

Hawkins Brown is a graduate of Dartmouth College and Southern Methodist University.

Sarah Saldaña, the retired director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and Shannon Thompson, the vice president and assistant general counsel of Texas Instruments, Inc., were also elected to the board.

Sarah Saldaña. Photo courtesy of the Texas Women’s Foundation.

Shannon Thompson. Photo courtesy of the Texas Women’s Foundation.

The Texas Women’s Foundation works to promote social and economic change for women and girls in Texas.

Here are the neighbors included on the executive committee:

  • Shonn Brown, vice president and deputy general counsel at Kimberly-Clark
  • Cynt Marshall, president and CEO of The Dallas Mavericks
  • Roslyn Dawson Thompson, president and CEO of the Texas Women’s Foundation
  • Carrie Freeman Parsons, chair of Freeman
  • Bonner Allen, community volunteer

Over the past 10 years, Dawson Thompson has been a key part of increasing the diversity of the board from 22% to 52% women of color and LGBTQ.

This story was updated Aug. 19 to include additional board and executive committee members who are also Preston Hollow neighbors.