Callie. Photography by Jessica Turner.

THE WALLNERS own three dachshunds. One lives in a separate home from the others, but they don’t let space affect how close they are.

Their oldest is a 13-year-old dachshund named Callie. They recently adopted two five-month dachshunds at six weeks old from the same litter. Both are girls named Charlie and Pippa.

Owner Tracey Wallner went to McKinney Trade Days with her daughter Sydney to find a dog for her other daughter Mandy, but when they saw the only two girls in the litter they fell in love.

“We went in there thinking we were going to get one dog for my sister [Mandy], and we ended up with our own,” says Sydney.

They decided to bring Pippa home for Mandy and keep Charlie for themselves.

“Pippa was very quiet and sweet and Charlie was very peppy and jumping around. We got them home and their personalities reversed. Pippa became the peppy energetic one, curious, inquisitive, would make a great hound dog. She can sniff out anything. Charlie became more relaxed,” says Tracey.

The twins do not live together, but Pippa stays over every weekend.

“Whenever they see each other they just get so excited, and they play. They never take a break from playing when they see each other. You can tell that they know that they’re siblings,” says Sydney.

Their older dachshund, Callie, is their big sister and keeps them in line. The strong dog has made it through various medical ailments such as meningitis, back problems and arthritis. She also has megaesophagus, a disease that makes it hard to swallow your food, so the Wallners help feed her.

Charlie and Pippa. Photography by Jessica Turner.

“Callie has lived through a lot in her little life. She has had a lot of physical ailments and beat them every time,” says Tracey.

She may not be as young as Charlie and Pippa, but her physical setbacks don’t keep her from enjoying her walks and playing with her sisters.

“It truly is man’s best friend. They’re the most loyal companions. They live really good lives and we are happier because of it,” says Sydney.

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