Photo courtesy of Luka Doncic via Twitter.

Dallas Mavericks guard Luka Doncic recently partnered with 2K Foundations to rebuild some basketball courts in his home country.

Doncic, originally from Slovenia, was able to refurbish the courts he grew up playing and practicing on. In addition to the new courts in Ljubljana, new seating and lighting were installed.

“What an honor to partner with 2K Foundations and rebuild my childhood courts,” Doncic wrote in a Twitter post. “Thank you!”

Photo courtesy of Luka Doncic via Twitter.

The courts feature Doncic’s new logo, which is also included on the new Air Jordan XXXVI. The logo is inspired by the Mobius strip and looks like “LD,” the player’s initials, as well as his jersey number, 77. The negative space is shaped like an “S” for Slovenia.

This isn’t the first time Doncic has put his brand on a shoe. In May, his “Cosmic Deception” Air Jordan sneakers sold out almost immediately. Preston Hollow neighbor Mark Cuban was seen wearing them at the Mavs’ first playoff game against the Clippers.