Mark Cuban delivers a keynote speech. Screen shot courtesy of U.S. Small Business Administration via YouTube.

Neighbor Mark Cuban shared his business expertise with viewers in a keynote speech for National Small Business Week.

The speech was organized as part of the United States Small Business Administration’s virtual summit.

“I have to tell you, there are two amazingly unique moments in every small business owner’s life: the day you decide to start your business and every single day when you wake up,” Cuban says. “Because running a small business has ongoing challenges that you face every day.”

Cuban says agility, or the ability to learn and change, communication, love for sales and the appreciation of change are traits that can make small business owners successful. They should be honest with all stakeholders and keep going back to work, even when they face challenges.

Sales are another area where small businesses may find difficulty because it’s uncomfortable to make cold calls or do marketing.

“If you don’t make that call, your business is not going to succeed,” he says.

But Cuban says owners should be excited about sales and think of it as helping, rather than convincing.

Watch the full speech here.