Mark Cuban played rugby at Indiana University. Photo courtesy of Random College Athletes via Twitter.

There’s been some throwbacks on the Twitter sphere recently.

Mark Cuban shared a photo of himself from his college days. He played on the club rugby team as a student at Indiana University, where he attended from 1977-1981.

Our Preston Hollow neighbor said the photo was taken at a Mardi Gras tournament and commented, “Win the match! Win the party!”

Another Twitter user responded to the post, asking whether Cuban once used to plan parties and sell tickets as a way to generate some extra money, and whether the billionaire Dallas Mavericks owner thought it is still possible in Dallas today.

Cuban confirmed the rumor. According to him, it helped give Deep Ellum the reputation it has today. When Cuban and his partners were organizing the parties, they had to use skylights since no one knew where Deep Ellum was.

Our neighbor’s business ventures started well before his party-planning days, though. And since then, his business ventures have expanded, even to the pharmaceutical industry.

A poster advertising a party Mark Cuban threw years ago. Photo courtesy of Mark Cuban via Twitter.