Photography by Kathy Tran.

SEAFOOD AND COLD-PRESSED JUICES aren’t exactly the likeliest of combinations. But over the pandemic, the kitchen dishing out plates of blackened Idaho trout and grilled salmon was the same kitchen offering pre-bottled, plant-based juices for delivery. 

Before Pressed opened the doors of its Preston Hollow store in July, neighbors had the opportunity to try its products, since the company was conducting a delivery operation out of TJ’s Seafood at Preston Royal. And the experiment was successful, says Blaine LaBron, Pressed’s vice president of digital commerce and technology. 

For the company leaders, our neighborhood was a convenient and logical location for a new store. The nearest Pressed is about 10-15 minutes away in Uptown.

“Our customer definitely lives in Preston Royal,” LaBron says. “And I’ve had amazing feedback already that they’re very happy to have a store so close to them.”

Pressed used to be called Pressed Juicery and rebranded to reflect its expanded offerings. In addition to juices, it sells smoothies, wellness shots, smoothie bowls, vegan soft serve, non-dairy milks and other food treats. LaBron says the most popular items at the Preston Hollow store are Freezes — the store’s vegan soft serve — and smoothie bowls, which are new to the company this year.

“The kids love it, and obviously Preston Hollow is such a family-oriented location, so you’ll see a lot of kids coming in, grabbing a Freeze,” LaBron says.

It’s unsurprising that cold, sweet treats have been favorites at the Preston Royal location. Pressed took the place of Steel City Pops, which opened in 2017 where a Baskin-Robbins store used to be. At the intersection of Preston and Royal, there’s also a Botolino Gelato Artigianale and Shake Shack, both serving frozen delights. But Pressed differentiates itself. By offering plant-based, healthier options, it carves out a market in the busy shopping center.

And it’s not just at Preston Royal. Its product lineup separates it from other similar companies. Pressed sells its juices pre-bottled, rather than making them to order. Neighbors can choose from a variety of offerings, including green, root-based and citrus options. 

The smoothies, which were rolled out to stores in the spring, are also pre-bottled. LaBron says Pressed’s products are still fresh, even though they’re not blended in front of neighbors’ eyes.

“It’s easy, quick and convenient,” LaBron says. 

The company sources most of its produce from the Central Valley of California, and the whole process, from harvest to bottling, takes about three days. Produce distribution is cut out, which saves time and reduces the company’s carbon footprint. 

Pressed, which started about 11 years ago in a 25-square-foot space in Los Angeles, has stores across the country, but the Preston Royal location caters to our neighborhood. The company knows the shopping center has long been a place for families who live nearby, from the time kids made the soda fountain the after-school hangout spot, to the present.

“I think the Preston Royal location is kind of iconic for Dallas,” LaBron says. “If you live in that area, you’re going to shop in that area as well.”

Pressed, 6025 Royal Lane, 972.996.6564