Send someone a little bit of love from Dallas this winter with La Madeleine’s line of pantry items, which can now be shipped anywhere in the United States.

The 38-year-old company, which is headquartered in our neighborhood, has more than 80 locations in 10 states.

It now offers a full line of retail items, such as soups, salad dressings, fruit spreads and ganache, on its website.

“We’re excited about the opportunity to make it easier for current and potential new guests to enjoy our exclusive brand product, even if they’re not directly in a city with a la Madeleine café,” said Vice President, Manufacturing and Purchasing Mike Cobern, in a media release. “We have guests all over the world asking for our products and this is our first step to making them directly available. We can’t wait to grow our fan base as we continue to increase our brand awareness across the country.”