George Bannerman Dealey Montessori Academy canceled its usual fall musical student production on opening night.

The news came in an email sent to families from Principal Beth Wing. Dealey has been hosting The Adventures of Lewis and Clark for years.

The musical tells the story of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, who were asked by Thomas Jefferson to explore and map out the Louisiana Purchase. Accompanying them on their journey are York, Charbonneau, Sacagawea and their dog, Scannon.

“Though the play highlights a particular moment in history, upon closer review, we realize this might not be the best vehicle for Dealey to tell this story,” Wing said in the email. “As a result, we have canceled the play and will offer a different spring performance for students to participate.”

Wing also apologized for “a lack of sensitivity in casting this play” and said in the future, parents would be told about their student’s selection in productions before rehearsals start.

Kevin Malonson’s son was cast in the play as Charbonneau. He said the students had been rehearsing since late September or early October, and his son even learned to say some lines with a French accent.

Malonson has seen this play several times, including when he watched his older daughter and children of family friends who also went to Dealey.

His son texted his parents Wednesday after school and told them the play was canceled, though he didn’t know why. Though he was disappointed to miss out on yet another school tradition, like the class trip to Camp Grady Spruce, he was most upset that the play was canceled so last minute.

The Malonsons are happy to support Dallas’ public schools and are proud of Dealey as an inclusive and high-caliber institution. By the time their kids have all graduated from Dealey, they will have been traveling to and from the school to their home in East Dallas for 16 years.