Photo courtesy of Neiman Marcus.

Neiman Marcus, a sponsor of the Dallas Art Fair, hosted a dinner to celebrate artist Grace Lynne Haynes.

Haynes had an exhibition at the fair with Luce Gallery and presented a talk with Nate Freeman of Vanity Fair at the Nasher Sculpture Center.

She was honored with a dinner at Dallas-based Neiman Marcus’ Zodiac Room on Nov. 12.

“As a company with a belonging strategy focused on being a place where everyone belongs and diversity of thought is valued, we love to celebrate perspectives that inspire creative thinking within our communities,” Neiman Marcus’ Chief People & Belonging Officer Eric Severson said in a news release. “We congratulate Grace Lynne Haynes for her incredible talent, artistic accomplishments and applaud all 58 participating exhibitors.”

Among the dinner attendees were Jessica Nowitzki, Diamond Mahone, John and Marlene Sughrue, Max and Ben Trowbridge, Nick Campbell and Kelly Frye.