Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

Richard Spencer and the other defendants in a recent trial were found guilty on a state conspiracy claim in connection with the 2017 “Unite the Right” rally.

Spencer, who attended St. Mark’s School of Texas, was named in the lawsuit along with Jason Kessler and Christopher Cantwell, among others. The jury awarded nine victims more than $25 million in damages.

Though they could not reach a verdict on two federal conspiracy claims, the jury found Spencer and the other defendants liable for $500,000 each, and five organizations were liable for $1 million each.

The rally was held to protest the planned removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee, the Confederate general. White nationalists visited the University of Virginia campus the night before the rally and chanted antisemitic comments. The day of the rally, James Alex Fields Jr. drove a car into a crowd of pedestrians, killing counterprotestor Heather Heyer and injuring dozens.