A bring-your-own-bottle wine cellar called 55 Seventy is expected to open a Preston Center location by March or April of next year.

The cellar is the concept of Tommy Shuey, a data analytics entrepreneur who wants to create a new kind of wine lounge space.

55 Seventy is an exclusive space open only to members who pay a standard monthly fee of either $149 for a single person or $249 for two people. There is also a $1,500 initiation fee that includes access to the wine tasting area and events for two people. A single person pays a $1,000 initiation fee.

With an expected 300 members by the time the wine cellar opens, Shuey expects the spots will be sold out by early next year.

This will be the second wine cellar opening in Preston Center in the new year. It will join Glass Cellar, a wine shop in the old Snuffer’s Burger building.