Photo courtesy of Lemma’s Bakeshop via Facebook.

The Hockaday School has claimed another notable alumnae.

We already know about Lisa Loeb, Lyda Hill and Alicia Landry, for example. These women are known throughout Texas, if not throughout the United States.

But the latest alumnae, Cathy McEachern, isn’t as famous among a national audience. Hockaday announced on its Facebook page that she is a graduate of the school in our neighborhood.

McEachern is a baker who owns Lemma’s Bakeshop, and late last year, she gained local notoriety for her biscuits modeled after the AppleTV+ series Ted Lasso.

In the show, American football coach Ted Lasso is recruited by an English football club to lead the team. One way he works to build trust with his boss, the club’s owner, is by bringing her biscuits (aka cookies) each morning.

They’re always served in a light pink box, and once Lasso’s boss tries them, she’s hooked.

Apparently Dallasites were hooked, too, because in late December, McEachern told WFAA she was making about 200 per day.