David Newhouse. Photo courtesy of The Hub.

An Advanced Placement human geography teacher at Thomas Jefferson High School is a recipient of a grant from the American Geological Society.

David Newhouse is one of 78 educators to receive the organization’s GeoBoost grant. These awards, part of the society’s Educator Initiative, are meant to enhance learning among AP human geography students by providing funding for geography or geospatial-related activities and resources.

The $300 award will purchase the Albert.io app to help students study for their exam.

“The American Geographical Society recognizes the critical role of Advanced Placement human geography teachers in preparing students to contribute to our global, multicultural society,” John Konarski, the CEO of the organization, told The Hub. “The ability of today’s youth — our future leaders — to think geographically and understand the importance of place is more critical than ever. We are pleased to fund Mr. Newhouse’s outstanding project.”