Ahat’s the easiest way to do that? Set an appointment at Orangetheory — treat your personal fitness just like going to the dentist or doctor, says Kimberly Wesolowski, Chief Operating Officer for Maverick Fitness Holdings, which owns and operates 34 studios in DFW. 

“That makes it harder to just not show up and work out,” Wesolowski says. “With an appointment, we become in a sense accountability partners, keeping clients on target in achieving those fitness goals.”

Fitness and timeline objectives are definitely not one-size-fits-all: We’re all different.

Once Orangetheory pros have helped establish your fitness goal, whether it’s running a first 5K or preparing for a wedding, Orangetheory helps you reach that achievement bar and avoid common pitfalls people experience when setting self-improvement resolutions for the new year.

Even though it’s easy to get discouraged if results aren’t immediate, Wesolowski says, Orangetheory promotes patience and perseverance with an annual transformation challenge.

“We call it a transformation and not weight loss because it should be a process of transforming one’s self into someone better than before,” Wesolowski says, adding there’s a cash prize available to the winner. The male and female winners with the highest percentage of weight loss will receive $500!

“The ultimate goal, at the end of the transformation challenge, is to feel better and have clothes fit better. Weight loss is the added bonus.”

And should discouragement rear its ugly head, Orangetheory staff is ready to help keep you on track.

“Anyone struggling should not be dismayed. We help identify what’s going to connect them back to personal fitness ambitions or revisit initial goals to adjust where necessary,” Wesolowski says. “Anyone without support outside the studio definitely has it inside. From a staff perspective, we help clients vocalize aspirations.

“Finding us at Orangetheory, letting us encourage clients along the way, makes it that much easier to achieve desired results,” she says.

Visit Orangetheory.com today to find a location near you.

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