Photo by Danny Fulgencio

Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Co. launched its online pharmacy, which is offering 100 prescription drugs.

The company, which we wrote about early last year, offers generic medications at reduced prices by cutting out “the middleman” and negotiating directly with manufacturers.

To get medications through the business, which billionaire Preston Hollow neighbor Mark Cuban owns, first find the needed drug, and sign up for an account on the website. Then, have your doctor or provider either fill out a form or write a new prescription with detailed information. Once the company has received a prescription, customers will be directed to checkout, and medications will be delivered to their home.

Prescriptions to treat asthma, diabetes, infections, high cholesterol, migraines and many other conditions are available. A full list of generic versions of name-brand medications can be found here.

Fluoxetine, the generic for Prozac, is priced at $3.90. Atorvastatin, the generic for Lipitor, a medication for high cholesterol, is available for $3.60.

The company does not accept insurance.

“We will do whatever it takes to get affordable pharmaceuticals to patients,” Alex Oshmyansky, the CEO of the company, said in a press release. “The markup on potentially lifesaving drugs that people depend on is a problem that can’t be ignored.”



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