Lakewood and Lake Highlands, chillin’

What is each person doing?

“Let’s pretend every neighborhood in Dallas is a person at a party. What is each person doing at said party?”

The original poster on Reddit/Dallas u/Alexis says the prompt comes from the r/SanFrancisco sub, and it has elicited some  insightful, funny and gloriously inappropriate responses. Let’s not take ourselves too seriously and, as u/Alexis says, “Have fun with this.”

I pulled some of the most LOL responses, but the full thread with some of the more NSFW replies (i.e. apparently Lake Highlands and Lakewood are a couple of swingers with a crush on Oak Cliff), but we won’t get into that here) is here.

According to user BrotherMouzone3, “Lakewood brought brownies and some tasty craft beer. Always reminds everyone that Woodrow kicks ass.

“Lake Highlands is good friends with Lakewood. Secretly happy their kids are in Richardson ISD instead of DISD but never says anything that tacky to Lakewood’s face. LH swears that Nawf Dallaz has been flipping over their trash cans but can’t prove it. Time to get surveillance….

“South Oak Cliff trash talking Pleasant Grove about how they won state …

“North Oak Cliff is working up the nerve to go flirt with SOC …”

South Dallas, BrotherMouzone3 adds, is the “old and grizzled vet of these parties. Wait? South Dallas wasn’t invited. South Dallas gives no fks. They show up and will drink your beer, eat your nachos and dare you to say anything. Lakewood handed the entire brownie tray to South Dallas.”

Guesses user 04Is, “Preston Hollow: Didn’t make it. Too busy having dinner with the Queen of England” and “Deep Ellum put themself in charge of music.”

“Preston Hollow is working the room, on good behavior, considering a mayoral bid” and “Preston Hollow won’t shut about about his NFT portfolio (Oak Cliff threatens to punch PH if he says ‘diversify crypto’ one more time),” mytachycardia adds.

(“Mesquite suggests eating at Waffle House at 3am,” is a pretty funny response to 04I.)

Couple of good ones on East Dallas from takis_4lyfe and HEFTYFee70, respectively.

“East Dallas passing the weed around and telling everyone to make sure they put their cans/bottles in the recycling bin.”

“East Dallas had to go early, ‘but you kids have fun.'”

Redditor Debbie-Hairy on Old Lake Highlands, “wearing sensible clogs and mostly just hanging with the party host’s rescue pug.”

Bam, roasted.

And LoneMav brings down the house with, “Oak Cliff is shooting automatics in the air and the NextDoor locals are asking if there’s fireworks going on tonight.” (One Lake Highlands and East Dallas also can no doubt appreciate.)

Several commenters say people need to learn the difference between cities and neighborhoods.

Want to weigh in? Use the comments here or on social media. Let’s see where this goes.

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