Photo courtesy of SMU Jones Collection via YouTube.

At a typical Hillcrest High School football game in 1975, fans could watch a drill team, pep squad and band.

But the opposing school might not have had the same showing.

One WFAA reporter at the time covered the story, comparing Hillcrest to Lincoln High School in South Dallas. Footage highlights the differences between the schools. Lincoln had a small band and no drill team, and the bleachers were mostly empty.

The report offers a few suggestions as to why these differences exist.

For one, drill team uniforms were expensive. Hillcrest students had to shell out about $85 for their outfit — a hat, boots, uniform and coat. And one student said over the year, members were expected to pay $150-$200, even if not in one lump sum.

According to the reporter, school districts would begin covering some of the costs of extracurricular activities the next year.

Watch the video from the G. William Jones Collection at SMU below.