Ira Tobolowsky

It took six years, but Ira Tobolowky’s accused killer is finally behind bars.

The person Tobolowsky’s family suspected all along, Steven Aubrey, was arrested in Florida this week.

Tobolowsky’s death in May 2016 was investigated as a homicide after he was found dead in the garage of his home on Kenshire Lane in the Hillcrest Forest Neighborhood. His home was set fire, and police knew early on that his killer had entered and exited through a gate to the alley.

Seven Aubrey

The family previously won a $5.5-million defamation lawsuit against Aubrey and Brian Vodicka, who illegally smeared Tobolowsky’s name by falsely calling him a mortgage fraudster and crooked lawyer.

Tobolowsky had represented Aubrey’s mother in lawsuits regarding her deceased husband’s estate. She won a judgement against her son in March 2016 in which the judge ruled against him as a “vexatious litigant,” meaning he was suing his mother as a form of harassment.

The ruling barred Aubrey from suing his family members or Tobolowsky without first receiving approval from a Dallas county administrative judge.

Aubrey, 61, was arrested in Oakland Park, Florida, on April 27 and charged with capital murder. If convicted, the minimum sentence is life in prison without parole.

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