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What extracurricular activities are you involved in?

Frequent volunteer at Human ImpACT, forming connections with my friends on the street. Treasurer of the Hope Supply Co. Student Board, where we come up with innovative ideas to support their mission of providing critical needs to homeless children. I sit on the Teen Board for THANKs Community Partners of Dallas, learning about how a nonprofit works and participating in community service that will change lives of the children in our community. President and Founder of the BEARly NOTEiced Club at Ursuline. We spread positive messages, anonymously, around campus, Ursuline Varsity Tennis and Club Tennis. I am also the employee of a grocery store!

What was your favorite class?

My favorite class is English because I love to write, and it gives me a chance to express myself. 

Where would you go to grab an after-school snack?

I would most likely go to Chick-fil-A and get a frosted lemonade, although I do love my school store gummy bears!

What was one challenge you faced at school this year, and how did you deal with it?

To be completely honest, I haven’t really faced a huge challenge this year. However, if I were to choose something that has been a little difficult, it would be time management. Having to balance school, work, social life, volunteering and tennis can be a lot! But I have, and still am, working on my communication and organization skills which has helped me become better at balancing it all.

Tell us about something you did this year that you’re proud of.

I am very proud of winning Ursuline’s Serviam Award! Not only was it a great way to spread the word about a nonprofit that I care deeply about, but I was also truly honored to represent my community in such an amazing way.

Which teacher, staff member or coach impacted you the most this year, and how?  

My English teacher, Mrs. Mayerson, has impacted me the most. She is always willing to help me when I am struggling to write and always looks on the bright side and tries to find a solution to a problem. She is very calm when teaching, listens to her student’s feedback and is always trying to improve her class. She even has a bowl of fruit for us if we get hungry during class! All the things she does, I notice, and it makes an impact on me. Anytime I step into her class, I get excited and can’t wait to see what we are learning!

What are your plans for this summer?

This summer, my mom and I are taking a trip to Italy! We were supposed to go in 2020 for my eighth-grade graduation with my school, but we are going this summer to make up for it. I am so excited for this trip!

What’s your dream job?

I have many interests that I am still exploring. I want to ensure that what I do is impactful, so for right now, I don’t know!

What are you most excited about for next year?

I am excited to learn about colleges and explore some of my interests by taking unique classes that Ursuline offers. I am also excited to further my leadership and service in and out of school. 

What’s a goal you have? How do you plan on achieving it?

A goal I have is to eventually start a nonprofit to help the community. I plan on achieving this by learning from other nonprofits and their employees, growing connections and researching so that I know what needs to be done. 

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