Photo courtesy of Unreal Deli

Dallas’ own Which ‘Wich is now featuring a sub with Unreal Deli’s plant-based deli meats, backed by primary investor Mark Cuban.

The 100% plant-based sub, called the Plant-Based Wicked, will feature all three of Unreal Deli meats, including Corn’d Beef, and Roasted Turk’y and Steak Slices, as well as plant-made cheeses and sauces. The new twist on the chain’s best-selling sandwich will be available at the original location in downtown Dallas.

Not only Which ‘Wich a Dallas creation, but Unreal Deli’s primary investor is Preston Hollow neighbor Mark Cuban.

“As a self-declared deli expert I officially place my allegiance in Unreal Deli,” Cuban said of the brand on ABC’s Shark Tank.

The original location at 1410 Main St. converted into a spinoff concept this year that uses a new “virtual cashier” ordering system. Guests’ orders are taken by a live person on a screen in an undisclosed location, allowing employees to work from home while kitchen staff prepares the order and brings it to a contactless pickup area.

Looking to get even more high-tech with your Plant-Based Wicked? The downtown location delivers using only electric cars, and the new ‘wich is available now.

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