Neighborhood Public Taco operators are launching a new commercial kitchen inside a Plano Walmart this summer to deliver nationally known restaurant food across Collin County.

The ghost kitchen will serve as a pickup spot for delivery drivers and a grab ‘n go stop for Walmart shoppers. The kitchen is expected to sell menu items from 15 to 28 restaurants, including Quiznos, Cheesecake Factory, Saladworks and more.

Joon Choe and Mohammad Qasim, Public Taco’s owners, are starting this journey after running Public Taco through closures due to a tornado, a snowstorm and a global pandemic.

The pair chose Walmart for the built-in customer base and opportunity to innovate the food-and-drink market at big-box stores, the pair told The Dallas Morning News

Instead of seeing a McDonald’s or Burger King inside the store, customers will see Ghost Kitchen Brands, and have the opportunity to order from a touch screen while shopping. The kitchen will also allow for customers to combine orders from multiple restaurants on the same tab, something not usually possible for a traditional Uber Eats or DoorDash order.

The Ghost Kitchen Brands shop will open in six to eight weeks at 8801 Ohio Drive in Plano, following locations in Ontario, Quebec and New York State.

CORRECTION: June 15 4:48 p.m., the address was corrected from 801 Ohio Dr. to 8801 Ohio Drive.