For Dr. Margaret Christensen, her vocation is more than a profession: It’s a lifeline. 

“In the past, women patients would return to me, continuing to complain of fatigue, multiple vague physical complaints, feeling hormonally imbalanced and often overwhelmed. And I was one of them,” she says. 

A practicing OB/GYN for years, Dr. Christensen found herself at death’s door with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, forcing her to close her old practice. Her spouse and four children also became ill with chronic infections, migraines,  severe anxiety, ADD, asthma and even Parkinson’s.

The culprit? Undetected biotoxin mold silently lurking in the family’s 1920’s era home. But she didn’t find that out for another 8 years….

“Are depression, insomnia, ADD, anxiety and behavior issues really caused by a deficiency of a pharmaceutical — or something else?”

Driven for solutions, Dr. Christensen dove into Functional Medicine and started a tiny new practice, now 20+ years later it has evolved into the multi-disciplinary Carpathia Collaborative- to root out and help neighbors rectify sources of chronic diseases and live healthier, longer lives through practical application of the new specialty of “Functional Medicine” by a group of professionals here in our neighborhood.

“The impetus for becoming a certified Functional Medicine practitioner was grief,” she says of her medical pivot. “Two of my children are special needs; had I known when my son, now 30, was 9 years old, about the different modalities we implement here now, our story would have a different outcome…Meanwhile, we’ve helped lots of other parents.”

Carpathia Collaborative’s approach isn’t “alternative.” Dr. Christensen says it applies basic physiology and biochemistry, backed with cutting edge nutritional science.

At Carpathia Collaborative, Dr. Christensen and her team of specialists hone in on her passions of creating hormonal harmony along with brain health. They focus on how environment, nutrition, genetics and lifestyle factor into health issues such as fertility, menopause, anxiety, sleep, weight challenges, depression and fatigue. 

Dr. Margaret Christensen in her kitchen with decorative sayings "Food is Medicine" and "Dreams don't work unless you do"

Photography by Jessica Turner

It’s a very personalized approach of helping their clients achieve vibrant energy and long-term wellbeing. Whether for those simply wanting to feel their best, optimize focus and look great, to supporting those with chronic complex illnesses like autoimmune, heart and gastrointestinal challenges, and of course, stressed-out parents of children with special needs! Since COVID they’ve been busy supporting “long-haulers” in regaining their wellbeing.

She says currently one out of every four adults and one of every five kids under age 18 is on a psychiatric drug— often needlessly since there are effective natural solutions to many of the problems!  She asks, “Are depression, insomnia, ADD, Anxiety and behavior issues really caused by a deficiency of a pharmaceutical- or something else?”

So why haven’t we heard more about integrative approaches? She says a huge piece of the problem is 80% of all television advertising now comes from Big Pharma…

Dr. Christensen’s education profile is extensive. She is a graduate from Rice University with honors; Baylor College of Medicine (M.D.) with honors, and Baylor University Medical Center Dallas (residency) with honors.

She is a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner (IFMCP); board certified in Integrative and Holistic Medicine through the American College of Physicians and Surgeons (ABOIM); board certified OB/GYN (FACOG) and a Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach.

Working with her as part of Carpathia Collaborative are MDs, NDs, NPs, naturopathic acupuncturists, dieticians, functional neurologic chiropractors and integrative pharmacists. 

Besides hormones, Dr. Christensen’s team helps to support brain injuries, autoimmune and degenerative conditions such as MS and early Alzheimer’s by detoxing environmental toxins, stimulating underactive brain areas, cooling down overactive ones, and of course balancing hormones. Advanced IV nutritional therapies along with their lymphatic system treatments combat edema and flush out impurities, she says.

“Healing comes from the inside out. Our bodies have amazing healing properties. We identify and treat the root issue instead of band-aiding everything with drugs and surgeries,” she says. “Traditional medicine has its place, but the solution isn’t always ‘cut it out and drug it out.’”!

Dr. Christensen and her team have the tools to help you not just survive, but thrive!

Ready to function fully? Call Dr. Margaret Christensen at Carpathia Collaborative. 10260 N. Central Expressway, Suite 210. 214-553-5522.