Photo courtesy of Northpark Center.

We’ve speculated about what will fill the gap that H&M left when the NorthPark store closed last month, but the two-level space has officially been claimed by Nike.

On Friday, the two-level space’s barricades sported branded signs saying “Here for however Dallas wants to move” and unveiling an opening date of winter 2023.

Since NorthPark already has a Nike, which opened in 2011 as the only store in Texas that wasn’t an outlet, the new store is likely a Rise location, according to Dallas Morning News article.

Rise is Nike’s newest concept meant to be unique to a specific city, according to Retail Dive, though NorthPark has not commented on this development.

Nike Rise has opened a few locations internationally, with personalized high-tech shopping experiences and community-centered sports experiences.

No matter what Nike does with the space, we will find out in the coming months as we get closer to the winter 2023 opening.