Photo by Cooper Clinic

Cooper Clinic has added sleep medicine to their preventive medicine services, including overnight diagnostic, overnight CPAP titration and daytime sleep studies.

Cooper Clinic, a part of the Cooper Aerobics Health and Wellness system, offers multi-specialty preventative medicine evaluations and treatment plans. Dr. Sonya Merrill, the physician bringing sleep medicine to Cooper Clinic, comes from her private practice, Dallas Sleep Medicine Specialists, PLLC.

“It is a pleasure to welcome Dr. Sonya Merrill to the Cooper Clinic team,” said Dr. Camron Nelson, MD, president and chief executive officer of Cooper Clinic. “Dr. Merrill’s expertise in the diagnosis and management of sleep disorders allows us to expand our preventive medical offerings as sleep plays such an important role, yet is one of the most underrated aspects in our overall health.”

Other services at Cooper Clinic include optometry, breast health, cardiology, preventive and cosmetic dermatology, direct medicine, gastroenterology and imaging, and registered dietitians offer a variety of nutrition services.

But what does a Cooper Clinic exam look like?

For those getting an exam, the day starts around 7 to 8:30 a.m. Due to fasting requirements, blood work is first, followed by a complimentary meal from Cedars Woodfire Grill. Then, a physician will do a one-on-one consultation that includes a detailed medical history, thorough medical examination with treadmill/bike stress testing, a dual-source CT scan, skin cancer screening and nutrition consultation, review of test results, and an individually tailored plan. Results are all obtained that day, though a written report is mailed out as well.

If elected or medically indicated, cardiovascular screening, imaging procedures, breast health, medical screening, gastroenterology consultation and imaging, cosmetic dermatology consolation and services and new sleep screening can be added.