Today’s biggest celebrities aren’t strolling the town in cocktail dresses anymore. Instead, they’re sporting casual tees and baseball caps embroidered with logos esoteric to Los Angeles, New York City or whatever metropolis they choose to rep. This branded merchandise is known among the fashion-inclined as “delicore,” after the legendary, locally-owned delis, coffee shops and eateries they advertise. 

If you’re looking to be a part of that trend, consider some of these delicore finds from Preston Hollow’s neighborhood coffee shops.

Photography by Jessica Turner.

la la land kind cafe

La La Land’s popularity has grown further than their locations can reach, and Preston Hollow is no exception. The store is a haven of cute merch. Between trucker hats encouraging us to love one another to tanks, baby tees, hoodies, sweats and crop tops, it is possible to make a whole delicore wardrobe here. Their slogans encourage kindness and love, even the ones that say it with expletives.

white rock coffee

in Preston Center is a life-giving stop for a morning coffee run, and they’re also kicking it casual with their own branded tees, hoodies, hats and stickers. Shop for a T-shirt to subtly shout-out Dallas on your next getaway, or pick up anything needed to become an at-home coffee connoisseur, from beans to grinders to filters. 

houndstooth coffee

The cabin-esque coffee shop on Walnut Hill embodies delicore. Its aesthetic is made for the ’gram, so why not cop a Houndstooth dad hat while you’re there? The shop also sells T-shirts, mugs, shirts, stickers and water bottles. Their limited Pride Month collection flew out the door, but there’s still plenty of cute merch to choose from here.