Gay Donnell Willis

According to a recent District 13 newsletter, speeding is one of the most frequent concerns their office hears about.

The newsletter cited a study by The Institute for Road Safety Research, which found that speeding or unsafe travel speeds are present in 27% of severe crash reports. The study also found that pedestrian fatality increases immensely when speeds increase: A pedestrian is at a 10% risk of death or severe injury when a vehicle is at 20 mph, which increases to 40% at 30 mph and 80% at 40 mph.

District 13 Council Member Gay Donnell Willis assured readers that it is important to share areas where speeding is frequent so that the City of Dallas Transportation Department can give due consideration to each situation to decide whether a speed bump, speed cushion or signage is appropriate.

Speeding on Harvest Hill is of particular interest to Willis, who spoke to CBS11 about the City’s Transportation Department speeding on Harvest Hill and said, “They don’t just take a cookie cutter approach. They’re going to go and assess exactly what traffic counts are, what the behaviors currently are that need to be modified so they can come up with the best solution for Harvest Hill.”

Other factors present in crash reports indicated that not using proper restraints occurred in 16% of reports, alcohol or drugs was present in 14%, running a red light was present in 10% and failing to yield on a left turn was present in 10%.

In 2019, the Dallas City Council committed to a goal of zero traffic fatalities and a 50% reduction in severe injuries by 2030. Willis encourages Preston Hollow neighbors to be mindful of speed limits and report areas where speeding is frequent.

According to the City of Dallas, to begin addressing speeding concerns in the neighborhood, residents can enter a Traffic-Speed Control service request by calling or accessing 311 via or by using the OurDallas mobile app.