Photography by Grant Halliburton Foundation

The Grant Halliburton Foundation, a Dallas-based organization that promotes awareness and education surrounding mental health and mental illness, has launched a young professionals organization to advocate for mental health in time for National Suicide Prevention Month.

The Foundation’s inaugural Young Professionals Leadership Council was announced on August 25, right before September for National Suicide Prevention Month.

The council consists of President Kelsey Cameron, Vice President Kyah Nichols, Secretary Olivia Strader, Treasurer Andy Weis, Social Event Chairs John Boerger and Molly Grace Brown, Membership Chairs Katie Witte and Bradley Haynes, Marketing Chairs Maribel Morales and Anna Montgomery and Spring Event Chairs Emily Sandler and Sarah Cornelia.

“This is the moment for our generation to really make an impact in mental health and to help each other,” Cameron said. “The ability to interact in person is especially important for mental health, so we hope to foster connections through our variety of events and opportunities.”

For dues that range from $24 to $500, young professionals are able to support their community while networking, attending social events, professional development seminars, volunteering and fundraising for mental illness initiatives.

The Foundation will be featured all month long on Galleria Dallas‘ Gallery Wall located on Level 1 across from Sephora. The exhibit, titled “Live in Hope,” provides statistics and information about depression and suicidal thinking, provides resources to get help and highlights the Grant Halliburton Foundation‘s work.

“Having the ‘Live in Hope’ exhibit in such a prominent space in Galleria Dallas is a great way to expand our reach in the community, especially during National Suicide Prevention Month,” Senior Director of Communications of Grant Halliburton Foundation T.J. Griffin said. “For more than 15 years, Grant Halliburton Foundation has brought help, hope and peace of mind to youth and their families. Our goal is to be the ‘go to’ organization for those who need mental health resources in North Texas.”

The exhibit will be featured from September 2 to 27 and is free to the public.