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Spanish Immersion School
Serving Ages 3 Months – Adults

Because there’s every reason in our world to learn another language.

Our vision is to empower our students with language and cultural appreciation to become confident and open-minded lifelong learners.

Our mission is to teach the Spanish language through authentic learning experiences that cultivate critical thinking and literacy in a safe, loving, immersion environment.

Spanish House offers 4 dynamic Spanish immersion programs: Nursery School, Preschool, Elementary School and Adult Classes. All four locations are conveniently located in the East Dallas area. Our instructors are qualified, native-Spanish speakers who share a passion for teaching language and culture. Small class sizes, individualized instruction and a rich, dynamic curriculum ensure authentic language learning for students of all ages.

Nursery and Preschool programs offer part-time and full-time schedules for students ages 3 months - 5 years. Our accredited elementary school offers Kindergarten - 5th grade. SH Adult School provides private and group classes for all levels. We also coordinate immersion trips to Oaxaca, Mexico, throughout the year.

For more information, visit or contact us at one of the locations below. 

SH Nursery School
5740 Prospect Ave. #1000
Dallas, TX 75206
(214) 826-6350

SH Preschool
4411 Skillman St.
Dallas, TX 75206
(214) 826-4410

SH Elementary School
7159 E. Grand Ave.
Dallas, TX 75223
(214) 826-2323

SH Adult School
801 N. Peak St.
Dallas, TX 75246
(214) 826-2212

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