After gobbling up California rolls and platefuls of pad Thai at Asian Mint (my subjective opinion is that their pad Thai is the best in town), my husband and I decided we still wanted dessert, but we needed to make it a light one. Luckily, Gooey’s is just down the street in the Preston Forest Shopping Center.

I glanced at a countertop display, reminding customers that their nonfat, kosher and nearly lactose-free frozen yogurt is only 9 calories per ounce. The small size is 5 ounces (which is a lot more than it sounds), so that’s a 45-calorie, 0-fat gram dessert. We figured this calorie count applied to the no-no yogurt — no fat and no sugar — so stuck with those options. (Gooey’s usually has about 10 flavors offered at a time, and four of those are no-no. The yogurt flavors rotate every few weeks.)

When my husband was paying for his 5-ounce no-no chocolate, he asked about the calorie difference between the no-no yogurts and the nonfat yogurts. The cashier told him that no-no yogurt has 10 calories per ounce, and nonfat yogurt has 9 calories.

This, of course, didn’t make any sense to us, so my husband asked why, and she explained that it’s because the no-no yogurt has artificial flavoring. This continued to befuddle my husband, who continued to press her on the issue, but we kept getting the same answer.

We decided that she may have been confused by our question, and that it could be the no-no yogurt that has 9 calories an ounce. But either way, that’s a pretty minuscule calorie difference to opt for the sugar-free. Unless you’re a diabetic, it makes much more sense to get the better-tasting nonfat yogurt.

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