I’ve been a longtime fan of the rotisserie chicken at CHIC. It’s slow roasted with chopped apples, and fall-off-the-bone delicious. But it wasn’t until this past week I branched out and tried some new dishes, something I now wish I’d done a lot earlier.

I took advantage of the three tapas for $10 lunchtime deal. I ordered a shot of gazpacho, and the pa amb tomàquet, bread rubbed with tomato, salt, pepper and olive oil—then topped with Manchengo cheese and cured sausage. It’s a simple dish, but that’s what makes it so good I think. The meat and cheese are so tasty, there’s no need to fussy it up.  My waiter suggested I also get the sweet piquillo peppers, since you can pile those on to just about any dish on the menu. That’s a great tip because he’s right, these peppers are good alone, and the perfect condiment.

My husband ordered the canelons, cannelloni pasta stuffed with meat (he chose turkey), covered in a bechaml sauce. These reminded me of sour cream chicken enchiladas, only made with pasta instead of tortillas. The meat was nicely seasoned, and the gravy-like sauce wasn’t too overpowering.

Even though it overlooks a parking lot, I still argue that CHIC has one of the best patios in our neighborhood. Because it’s set so far back in the shopping center, it always stays shady there, which keeps it cool. Plus, they’ve got those great comfy booths along the back wall, which are rare on a patio.

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