Class four students from Providence Christian School recently celebrated American heroes at its Patriot Week festivities. During the week, students were assigned a hero to report on and collected supplies to send to servicemen and women overseas. The week culminated with Patriot Day, where students dressed up like historical figures and participated in a variety of activities in different themed rooms.

Pictured are Margaret Petty as “George Washington,” Mary McClain Cash as “Rosie the Riveter,” and Claire Johnson as “Benjamin Franklin.”

Jump for the full breakdown of the day:

Different themed rooms had guest speakers who shared their expertise. In the Modern Day Patriot room, FBI special agents and Army Sergeant Eric Arrendondo, who has served in Iraq and will soon deploy to Afghanistan, spoke to the students about their professions.

In the World War II room, Elizabeth Burgher, grandmother of student George Stewart, shared her story as a girl growing up during the war.

“We learned to save everything for the war effort and grow Victory gardens for food,” she told the students.

WWII veteran George Peabody, grandfather of teacher Casey Cooper, spoke to the kids about his service as a fighter pilot.

“There was a lot of action during the war, but we were fighting for our freedom and yours,” he told them.

Students were divided into the north and south in the Civil War room, where they received a haversack with a pocket Bible, a typical letter from a father, and “hardtack” biscuit.

In the American Inventions room, students deciphered Morse code, had a bubble gum blowing contest, and reviewed inventions of the last century.

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